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Do You Let This Happen to You?

Phone Battery


I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I usually use my mobile phone as a GPS.

I was once in New York walking to my hotel and didn't really know my location... but I had my mobile phone with me, and I was feeling peace of mind because the phone was guiding me… until its battery dropped to 1% and I got scared. It was getting dark, I didn’t have a map, and all I could think of was what if the phone dies?

Fortunately, that 1% lasted a long way, and I was able to get to the hotel…but since then, I tend to check my phone’s battery several times a day to make sure its sufficiently charged for whatever I plan to do.

Since then, I also try to have a charger by my side all the time…I have one in my bedroom, another one in my home office, another one in the kitchen and of course, another one in my vehicle!

Do you also rely on your mobile phone for important activities in your life? Do you also tend to keep it charged all the time?

You might be wandering why did I tell you this story, what does it have to do with you?

Well, just as you charge your phone every day and even several times a day to keep it working, you should also charge yourself every day and even several times a day to keep yourself in optimal condition.

One way your body naturally does that is sleeping. Scientist don’t know why we sleep, the heart still pumps, the lungs still breathe, the brain is still active, so why do we sleep? It is your body’s natural way to recharge… but it is not always enough, otherwise everybody would be happy and healthy all the time.

To be in good physical, mental and emotional shape you need to go beyond sleeping so I developed a guide with five recommendations to help you with that: The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.

Incorporating those habits into your daily routine would allow you to be charged throughout the day. And keeping those habits handy would be as having a charger by your side all the time.

CLICK HERE to download the file and practice.

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Please leave me a comment if you have any questions, and/or let me know what you think about the habits. 😊



The Year of the Ox is Here…Let’s Make it Great!

To make any year a great year it is important to focus on the good stuff and ignore the not so good stuff.

To determine what is good and what is not so good on a given year it is necessary to look at our astrology chart and at the year’s astrology chart and see how they interact.

From the Chinese metaphysics perspective, which is the science behind this article, the year starts on February 3rd, 2021, it is the year of the Metal Ox or simply the year of the Ox, and its astrology chart according to BaZi astrology is shown on Picture 1.

There are new year’s celebrations on February 12th, 2021, when the Chinese lunar year starts, but all Chinese metaphysical studies are based on the solar year, which always starts on the first day of Spring that always falls between February 3rd and 4th.

Since you need your astrology chart to see how it relates to the year’s chart, go to my BaZi Calculator and plot it using the local time at your place of birth. It you do not have your time of birth you will be missing some information, but you will still be able to follow the exercise and get to know a lot about your potentials during 2021 and where to focus your energy.

Your chart reflects who you are. The year chart reflects the opportunities that come your way.

Picture 1 – Year of the Ox 2021

On any given BaZi astrology chart the top elements are known as heavenly stems or simply stems, the middle elements are known as earthly branches or simply branches, and the bottom elements are known as hidden stems and are the components of the branches.

Years’ charts are identified by the branch or zodiac animal located in the year pillar, in this case the Ox, but the actual reference point in any BaZi astrology chart is always the day stem, known as the day master. In the case of the year of the Ox 2021 the day master is Yang Water (Ren), and in your case, it is the stem on your day of birth.

As seen on the year’s chart there are four metal elements, three water elements, two wood elements, three earth elements and two fire elements. You can identify the elements by their color, gray is metal, blue is water, green is wood, red is fire and brown is earth. When you do the counting, do not count the branches because their elements are already in the hidden stems.

The above count means that the most predominant elements in the year are metal and water. Wood is weaker, but despite the count, it is stronger than earth and fire due to reasons beyond this article.

Your chances of doing better on any given year are higher if you have in your birth chart more of the elements that are strong in the year’s chart.

Metal and water are the best elements to have during the year of the Ox 2021, if you do not have them, wood is also favorable. If the only elements in your chart are fire and earth, you might have some challenges, you might have to work harder, but do not panic!


How to overcome the challenges?

  • Concentrate your efforts on the areas of your life that display the good elements, metal, water and wood.
  • Do not make major changes and do not place great expectations on the areas of your life that display the not so good elements.
  • Partner with people that have the good elements to improve your results.

The areas of your life in your birth chart are as follows:


  • The year pillar represents your social circle, your friends, your network, the industry you work for, the people you know and the people that know you.
  • The month pillar represents your career, your job and whatever you do for living.
  • The day pillar represents you and all your domestic affairs including your spouse or significant other.
  • The hour pillar represents your creations, dreams and aspirations, as well your investments.
  • The luck pillar is external to you, it represents your current overall experience and impacts all areas of your life (we all go through various luck pillars in our life, each luck pillar lasts approximately 10 years).

If your good elements are in the stems everybody will see you are doing good, but it might not be completely true. If your good elements are in the hidden stems you will do good but people won’t see it. If your good elements are in the stems and in the hidden stems everybody will see you are doing good and it will be true.

Following the guidelines above, you can determine your possibilities in love by looking at the day pillar or your possibilities at work by looking at the month pillar, to name some.

In addition to checking the elements that you have on each pillar to determine the potential outcome on each area of your life you should also check the stars that fall on the animal signs (branches) in your chart.

There are various constellations in the universe carrying stars with positive and negative effects. When stars with positive effects fall on any of the animal signs in your birth chart, you get support from the universe in that area of your life. When stars with negative effects fall on any of the animal signs in your birth chart, you find obstacles and challenges in that area of your life. When no stars fall on the animal signs in your birth chart you don’t get support from the universe.

The more positive stars you get on a given year, the better. The more negative stars you get on a given year, the worse. Since we are focusing on the good to concentrate the efforts on those areas of our lives, check out the number of positive stars on all the animal signs (branches) in your birth chart according to the information on Table 1.

Table 1 – Positive Stars in the Branches during the Year of the Ox 2021

If for instance you have a horse in your month of birth, which contains fire in its hidden stems, even though fire is not one of the predominant elements of the year, the horse has several favorable stars. Since your month of birth represents your career or work, even though fire is not one of the predominant elements, the chances of you doing great at work are high, because you are going to have a lot of universal support. You still need to do your part to see the benefits, if you do nothing, nothing will happen, but if you do, the stars will multiply the results.

On the other hand, if you have a rabbit in your month of birth, which contains wood, even though wood is one of the predominant elements of the year, the rabbit does not have any favorable stars so in order to have a great year you should focus on other pillars in your birth chart with other animal signs. For instance, if there is a tiger in your hour of birth, which represents your investments, focus on your current investments or on new investments and do not place great expectations on your job.

The application of astrology has many layers! If you want a detailed analysis, click here.

Another layer that you should check out to determine how to make the year of the Ox 2021 a great year deals with the kinship of each element in the year’s chart, which is based on the five Chinese elements theory.

From this perspective fire is the element that represents money during the year of the Ox 2021. The year’s chart only has fire on the bottom so there will be opportunities to make money, but they are not so easy to see so they are hard to realize. If you have fire in your chart you will see those opportunities and if you act upon them, you might be one of those that are capable enough to grab them.

To have money luck or cash flow during the year of the Oz 2021 it is important to have at least one fire element in your birth chart:

  • If your fire is on the stems, others will see you have money but there will be more opportunities for you to lose it so be wise with your spending.
  • If your fire is at the branches, you will have the ability to save or accumulate.
  • If you do not have any fire elements in your chart, partner with someone that has some.

To make 2021 a great year:

  1. Make appropriate use of what you have in your chart.
  2. If you do not like what you have, partner with someone that has what you want.
  3. Get support from the environment through feng shui. Your astrology chart works as the diagnosis, if there are issues, feng shui works as the prescription.

GONG XI FA CAI!, which is the new year’s greeting in Mandarin and literally translates “hope you get rich”…I hope you get rich in all areas of your life!

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