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Make it a Joyful Christmas


Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t ignore it is a special time around the world.

Even those that are not Christian take this opportunity to show their love and appreciation to others with a present and the joy of giving permeates the planet.

When we all experience good feelings, we all experience good vibes and we all contribute to a better planet.

Jingle Bells

Take this opportunity to give, give from the heart, the more you give from the heart, the more joy you will experience and the more you will receive back, but don’t give thinking about receiving, simply give… from the heart.

You don’t have to give expensive material things, you don’t even have to give any material things, the energy of giving doesn’t care and doesn’t know if what you are giving is expensive, as long as you give from the heart, it is enough.

Additionally, when you experience joy, you strengthen your heart’s health because positive emotions strengthen your organs’ health and negative emotions weaken your organs’ health and joy is directly associated to your heart.

To feel other positive emotions that not only contribute to your heart’s health but to other organs’ health, practice The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.

Happy Holidays!


For Your Eyes Only

Lately I have had people asking me how to improve their vision, so I decided to share some recommendations.

I know that people that have followed these recommendations have even reversed other type of eye problems so don’t sub estimate their power, even though they are very simple.

Anyways, as with many other of my recommendations, the benefits are not seen overnight, it takes practice and time because the intelligence in the body, that is the intelligence in your vital energy Qi, has the capacity to take you to your perfect state of being, but with repetitive and ongoing stimulation. It doesn’t provide instant gratification; however it does provide lasting results.

Before getting into the exercises to support your vision, let me tell you that from the traditional Chinese medicine perspective your eyes belong to the wood element, the wood element is associated with the color green and the season of spring, and as you know, the season of spring comes before the seasons of summer and fall, so wood is very weak or non-existent during these two seasons, so  it is even more important to take good care of your eyes then..

I’m bringing this to your attention because according to traditional Chinese medicine, if we live following the wisdom in the seasons, our health and overall wellbeing improves, and this is applicable not only to the eyes but also to all parts of the body because all of them are associated with colors and seasons. I will share more about this in the future, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, going back to the eyes, since they belong to the wood element, besides practicing the following exercises, eat more green foods (like green vegetables) to strengthen them, and if they are too weak, avoid alcohol.

In terms of the exercises, on a daily basis, two or three times a day, for three to five minutes, practice the following:

1. Place a thumb on each temple, curve your index fingers and massage your eyebrows from the inside edge to the outside edge with the middle knuckle. Then massage the bone under your eyes, also from the inside edge close to the nose, to the outside edge close to the temples. Alternate between massaging the eyebrows and the bone under the eyes.  Massaging the bone under your eyes is also good for your digestive system.


2. Sit or stand straight facing forward with your eyes closed. Slowly turn your head to the left and then on that position, open your eyes quickly and look into the distance for one second, if you are in a small room, imagine you are looking faraway to the landscape in the distance. Close your eyes again and slowly turn your head to the right and in that position open your eyes again and look into the distance for one second. Continue alternating sides and looking into the distance for the recommended time or at least until you complete nine cycles.

In case you are new to this site, let me introduce you to The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day so that you not only strengthen your eyes but also your whole being.