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The Second Half of the Year is Here…

Feng Shui 4

According to Chinese sages, the year start on February so August marks the beginning of the second half… and it implies an energy shift.

To benefit from this energy shift, practice feng shui and remember that the most important feng shui practice is physical usage of the space.

During this month, which runs from August 7th to September 7th, the most favorable sectors to occupy are Southwest, South and Southeast. In all three you will be safe but if you use them for what they are good for, it would be better.

In the Southwest you have the best potential to exchange your time and effort for money. It is also a great place to obtain cooperation from others, so develop all your business activities from this location.

West is good to improve communication skills through education, or to use your communication skills to teach. It is also good to obtain cooperation from others.

Northwest is once again nasty or aggressive. It is good if you are in sports or in a very competitive business and you have the skills to win. It is also good to improve courage and stamina but if that is not what you are looking for, it is better to stay away.

North is good to develop activities related to the entertainment business or to spread the word, like an influencer. If that is what you do for a living, move your working station to that location.

Staying in the Northeast could make your words too harsh for others so think and breathe before you talk and mostly before answering any comment or request. To avoid hurting others and getting in trouble, I suggest you avoid this sector and/or display some metal objects as part of its decoration.

East is not great either, but it would be ok unless you are sick. If that is the case, be careful and get a checkup. The energy during the month will help you find what is wrong, so you can take action to solve it. I suggest you also display some metal objects in this location.

South is favorable for power and authority, and it is also good to exchange your time and effort for money, so use this sector if you want a promotion, if you want recognition, or just to make August a prosperous month.

The Southeast is also good for business but think and breathe before you talk because your temper could run high.

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It’s Time to Take a Look to Your Space… Once Again.


Feng shui

On July 7th, the energy in your environment changes again. Remember that it changes every hour, but it primarily changes every month and every year.

If you want to make the best out of it, check out the following recommendations and choose the right energy for the right activity, or the right activity for the right energy, so your life is easier.

Use the Southwest if you want to be noticeable, if you want to stand out and if you want to network and work together with others.

The worse sector this month is the West, the energy here is aggressive, it could create fighting related incidents so if you don’t need to fight for living, it is better to avoid this location.

The Northwest is the worst sector during the year but during the month of July its aggressiveness is appeased, so using that space could even be beneficial if you want to learn something new, or if you want to have a better understanding of a situation. The sector could also be good to trigger traveling opportunities and new personal relationships.

North it is a very good sector, mostly if you want to put the effort into doing something that you can exchange for money. You’ll be more productive, more noticeable and you’ll be able to increase your wealth. If you are in sales, this is a great location to work on closing deals.

The Northeast is a little aggressive because you could find yourself seeking and gaining power and using it to step on others without you even noticing, but if that is something beneficial to you, go for it. Anyways be cautious because it could bring some undesirable consequences in the future, so try not to overdo it.

East is good to connect with people and get help from them. If you are looking for business or medical advice, this could be the place to be.

The energy falling in the Southeast is known to trigger arguments between people, primarily between mother and son. If you are the son, be patient and love your mother, don’t try to control her. If you are the mother, be patient too. This sector could also trigger some mild sickness, so if you are already sick, it would be better to avoid it.

South is not very friendly either, but it could be used if you are into public speaking or you make money out of using your voice, just make sure you are eloquent and choose your words wisely because otherwise you could be misinterpreted and that could cause you some trouble.

Use the energy wisely and make it a great month! If you want personalized feng shui help, or any other help, book a free consultation HERE.