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What Does Your Longevity Depend On?


The life expectancy of humans has increased and so has the number of people living to 100 years of age or older, who are known or classified as centenarians.

Nevertheless, no one knows for sure what allows some people to live into their 100s, while others do not.

However, a new research study led by researchers from Tufts Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine found out that the difference between those that live longer and those that don’t, resides on their immune system.

Researchers found that centenarians have a unique immune cell composition and activity. Their immune systems have successfully adapted to all types of external conditions, allowing them to achieve exceptional longevity.

If you want to read more about the research study, you may do it here.

Why did I bring this up? Because one of the major benefits of Qigong is strengthening the immune system. The consistent practice of Qigong and its principles has the power to modify cell structure and activity, that is why there are many success stories healing chronic and terminal diseases.

If you are willing to do something to strengthen your immune system and maximize your longevity, start HERE





I know you know the importance of taking good care of yourself to be able to stay at the top of your game.

Yet, despite your best efforts, sometimes you may experience fatigue, which leaves you feeling drained and exhausted, making it difficult to focus on your work and enjoy your personal life.


If you have read me before you probably know that fatigue is related to vital or life force energy and vital or life force energy is related to kidney energy. You might also want to know that kidney energy is also related to sex drive.

There are different ways to increase your vital or life force energy, I had shared some of them before, but the simplest and easiest, which can be practiced any time almost unnoticeable, is to gently tap and/or massage your kidney area, which is in your back at the waist level.


As usual, when it comes to tapping or massaging any part of your body to trigger the flow of energy, the idea is to do it one to three times a day for one to three minutes and do it consistently to get results.

You should also do it when you feel the symptoms, in this case, when you actually feel tired, but do it every day to feel less and less tired on a regular basis.

To complement your kidney massage and keep the whole of you in very good shape, start practicing The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.