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Love Metaphysics


Everything is energy …. Including our emotions.

Some emotions have low frequency energy and literally bring us down. Other emotions have high frequency energy and literally bring us up.

Love is energy vibrating at the highest possible frequency and when we feel it, we algin ourselves with the original energy of the universe.

We are an expression of that original energy so deep inside our core we are pure loving energy. This is the reason why when we experience love if feels so good… because it is our true nature!

There are different types of love: conditional love for family and friends; unconditional love for sickness and enemies; universal unconditional love for everything that exists…. And they are all high frequency energies.

Our emotions at any given moment of time are indicators of how closely our energy is in alignment with the original energy.

For instance, our true nature believes that we have unlimited potential, if we are in doubt of our abilities, we are not loving ourselves that much, we are not aligned with our true nature, and we experience uncomfortable feelings.

In contrast, when we see the best in other people and we believe in them, it feels good, because that is an expression of our true nature, it is an expression of love.

On the other hand, when we don’t like something in other people and we try to withhold love from them (for instance when we scold our children) it feels bad because we move away from our true nature, the nature of love.

Consciously choosing to return to love is an act of self-love, even if the love is directed to others because it brings us closer to our true nature.

It is important to know that we are constantly either moving towards love or away from love, and that translates into moving towards the alignment with our true nature or moving away from it. Where would you like to be?

If you need some help to consciously return to love, start by practicing The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.


How to Make 2022 a Great Year


In my previous article I went over the term Qi (vital energy) and I mentioned that your inner Qi is impacted by the Qi in your surroundings.

In this article I will bring one more element into the equation, and that is what the Chinese call Heaven Qi.

Heaven Qi is another ramification of Qi. In a nutshell, there is mankind Qi, earth Qi, and heaven Qi.

Mankind Qi is your inner Qi, including your actions, intentions, thoughts, emotions and so on.

Earth Qi is the Qi in your surroundings.

Heaven Qi is the Qi that literally comes from heaven, it is encased in time. Every moment in time contains a Qi imprint so your heaven Qi imprint results from you date and time of birth and it is studied through astrology. In this case, BaZi astrology, which is the system developed by ancient Chinese sages around the concept of Qi. But all types of astrology look at the same bodies of energy in the universe, the difference is that they group them in different ways, they call them with different names, and they focus more on some than others.

All the above information just to let you know that your inner Qi is not only impacted by the Qi in your surroundings (earth Qi), but also by your heaven Qi.

You can’t change your heaven Qi, because you can’t change your date and time of birth, but you can balance out its flaws through the activation and manipulation of mankind Qi and earth Qi. And that is what you are meant to always do, especially every year, to make every year a great year!

According to BaZi astrology, the year 2022, which is the year of the Water Tiger, starts on February 4th, 2022, at 4:58am. This is based on the solar calendar. The Chinese New Year celebrations start on February 1st, 2022, that is the first day of the year in the lunar calendar, but the calendar that is taken in consideration to evaluate heaven Qi is the solar calendar.

BTW, when you think about the year of the tiger don’t think about an actual tiger. Chinese zodiac names come from a tale; you can google it. The tiger is the name given to a group of stars in the universe that primarily carry the energy of wood, which is one of the five Chinese elements. In case you have never heard about the five Chinese elements, also known as energy phases, these are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and they are all related to planets or stars in the universe.

Going back to making 2022 a great year, to do so it is necessary to look at your astrology chart (birth chart) and at the year’s chart, to see how they interact, and from there, take action.

Below is the year of the water tiger 2022 chart.

Picture 1 – Year of the Water Tiger 2022

Since you need your birth chart to see how it relates to the year’s chart, go to my BaZi Calculator and plot it using the local time at your place of birth.

Your chart reflects who you are. The year chart reflects the opportunities that come your way.

On any given birth chart, the top elements are known as heavenly stems or simply stems, the middle elements are known as earthly branches or simply branches and the bottom elements are known as hidden stems and are the components of the branches.

Years’ charts are identified by the branch or zodiac animal located in the year pillar, in this case the Tiger, but the actual reference point in any birth chart is always the day stem, known as the day master. In the case of the year of the Tiger 2022 the day master is yang earth, and in your case, it is the stem on your day of birth.

As seen on the year’s chart, there are four wood elements and three water elements in the stems and branches; the earth and fire elements are mostly hidden and very weak; and there isn’t any metal element.

This means that the most vibrant elements of the year are wood, and water, and the chart is out of balanced because the other three elements are weak or don’t exist.

Your chances of having a great year are higher if you have in your birth chart more of the elements that are strong in the year’s chart. If you don’t have them in your chart, don’t panic, the solution is to partner with someone that has them in his/her birth chart.

The weakest element is metal so if metal is the predominant element in your birth chart you will have some challenges during the year of the Tiger 2022.

Fire is weak, but according to the five Chinese elements theory, it is supported by wood, so it is not bad.

Earth is also weak, and according to the five Chinese elements theory it is controlled by wood, so it could also encounter challenges.

How to overcome the challenges? How to have a great year?

  • Partner with people that have wood and water in their charts.
  • Concentrate your efforts on the areas of your life that display the good elements, primarily wood and water, and if they don’t exist then go for fire.
  • Don’t make any major changes and don’t place great expectations on the areas of your life that display the not so good elements.

The areas of your life in your birth chart are as follows:

  • The year pillar represents your social circle, your network, the industry you work for.
  • The month pillar represents your career, your job and whatever you do for living.
  • The day pillar represents you, your domestic affairs, your thoughts and emotional world. The day branch represents your spouse or significant other.
  • The hour pillar represents your aspirations, creations, and achievements, as well as your investments.
  • The luck pillar represents your current overall experience and impacts all areas of your life (we all go through various luck pillars in our life, each luck pillar lasts approximately 10 years).

If your good elements are in the stems everybody will see you are doing good but it might not be completely true. If your good elements are in the hidden stems you will do good but people won’t see it. If your good elements are in the stems and in the hidden stems everybody will see you are doing good and it will be true.

Following the guidelines above you can determine your luck in love by looking at the day pillar or your luck at work by looking at the month pillar, to name some. Or you can take action to improve your money luck, for instance:

  • If you have good elements in the hour pillar, create something or make an investment.
  • If you have good elements in the month pillar, work harder to multiply the benefits because the year’s energy is on your side.

The strength of the elements in the year’s chart not only impacts people, but it also impacts everything that exists because everything in the universe is associated with an element.

For instance, wood industries like agriculture, education, pharma, and commodities to name some, will do good because wood is strong in the year’s chart, but due to the imbalance in the chart, there will be too much competition, people will be too aggressive, and just a few will survive. If you don’t have the knowhow and resources to fight in those industries, it is better to stay away; focus on serving the industries instead of becoming part of them

Water industries like transportation of goods, logistics and trading, will also do good. If you are in those industries, it would be great, if you are not, focus on serving those industries.

In addition to checking the elements that you have in your birth chart to determine the best actions to take or where to focus on, you should also check the stars that fall on the animal signs (branches).

There are various constellations in the universe carrying stars with positive and negative effects. When stars with positive effects fall on any of the animal signs in your birth chart, you get support from the universe in that area of your life. When stars with negative effects fall on any of the animal signs in your birth chart, you find obstacles and challenges in that area of your life. When no stars fall on the animal signs in your birth chart you have to work harder because you have to do everything by yourself with no support from the universe.

The more positive stars you get on a given year, the better. The more negative stars you get on a given year, the worse. Since the idea is to focus on the good to concentrate the efforts in those areas of your life, check out the number of positive stars on all the animal signs (branches) in your birth chart according to the information on Table 1.

Table 1 – Positive Stars in the Branches during the Year of the Tiger 2022

If for instance you work in an earth related industry like construction, the industry is not going to do very well during the year of the Tiger 2022 because earth is weak in the year’s chart, but if you have water in your year pillar (one of the vibrant elements of the year) and the water in your year pillar is a Pig with five positive stars, even though the industry is challenging, you might be one of the ones that will do great in that industry. Millions of people in the same industry won't do good but you will.

The application of astrology has many layers, another layer that you should check out to make it a great year, deals with the kinship of each element in the year’s chart, which is based on the five Chinese elements theory.

From this perspective water is the element that represents money during the year of the Tiger 2022. The year’s chart has a lot of water so there is money available for those who have the capacity to get it.

If you have at least one water element in your birth chart you might be one of those. If you don’t have any water elements in your chart, partner with someone that has some.

Follow as mnay instructions as you can, to make it a great year, and don't forget that you can make all your days great by practicing The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.

Remember that the application of astrology has many layers. Contact me if you want to know more!