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Why do we sleep?


Scientist don’t know why we sleep. The heart still pumps, the lungs breathe, the brain is still active, so why do we sleep?

Sleeping is a natural way to balance our vital energy, to feel good and be healthy.

However, sleeping is not always enough, sometimes the circumstances around us or the events that we go through block our vital energy so much or make it so scarce, that we need to do more than to sleep to restore its balance.

Reason why sometimes we are not even able to sleep, so we need to follow additional energy balance practices.

The good news is that increasing, activating, and balancing our vital energy is simple, we just need to follow some techniques consciously and consistently.

Some recommendations on these techniques are in the articles I write, others are in The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, and others in my advanced courses.

Anyways, it's important to get a good night's sleep, so if you tend to have trouble doing so, practice the following:

  • Using your middle finger, massage the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows, in a circular way, in any direction, for two minutes or more, several times a day, specially before going to bed.
  • Using your thumbs, massage your temples, on both sides of your forehead, in a circular way in one direction for 36 times and then in the other direction for additional 36 times. Do this several times a day, specially before going to bed.

Sweet Dreams


What to Do for the Stomach?

Following one of my previous posts, someone asked me if my recommendation in that article was good for stomach pain, or what could be done about it. That inspired me to write this article.

The energy point mentioned in the previous article is good for pain anywhere, even stomachache, but when it comes to the stomach, digestive system and / or large intestine, you can also massage the point located in the place where the crease of the skin in the elbow ends, when you bend your arm 90 degrees.

To find it, extend your arm to the front and then fold it 90 degrees so that the forearm is in front of you. The point is located about one inch from the elbow.


Start by pressing this point deeply in your left arm with the thumb of your right hand until you feel some pain, then massage back and forth for a couple of minutes and move on to the other arm.

Additionally, you can interlock your hands and massage your stomach with your palms in a clockwise direction for three minutes or more, that is not only beneficial for the stomach, but it also feels great.

Furthermore, the stomach is part of an energy channel that is connected to the lips, so you can also rub your hands until they are warm and massage your lips with the palm of one hand in a circular way to one side and then to the other.

All the above stimulations should be done for a few minutes. If it is not enough, stop, let the energy points rest, and repeat the stimulation later again. Allow your energy points to feel the difference between being stimulated and not being stimulated.

As you can see, your body is full of points that you can stimulate yourself to improve your health and your overall well-being. The possibilities are endless, but to stay in good shape you must do the movements or massages consistently, as I tell you in The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.