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Qigong Meditation vs. Regular Meditation


In case this is the first time you read me, I’m a qigong trainer, practitioner, and advocate because during all my years of Chinese metaphysical studies, I’ve discovered that Qigong is the practice that provides the most benefits, when practiced consistently, but without much training, so at the end, it is kind of the best value for money.

What is Qigong?

Qigong meditation

Qigong comes from the word Qi that is vital energy.

Qi it is the intelligence in your body. It goes beyond any other form of energy because it is the reason why, for instance, when you cut yourself, it heals, the intelligence in your body knows what to do!!!!

Qigong also comes from the word Gong that is to activate, to stimulate, to work with.

So, Qigong is to work with your vital energy, with the intelligence in your body… for any intention that you have… because your intention directs the energy.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Qigong is a form of meditation.

So, what is the difference between Qigong meditation and regular meditation?

Regular meditation helps you to relax the body and take away stress.

Qigong meditation goes beyond that, it not only relaxes your body and takes away stress, but it also helps you to go deeper into your heart energy to cultivate the intelligence in your body, that is your Qi, which helps you to heal, and is your connection to the Divine, or the Universe, or an energy greater than you.

Qigong moving meditation, with gently and slowly repeating movements, brings your body, mind and heart together, so your energy is not scattered anymore.

When you activate your energy channels and you feel the energy in your body… in your hands, in your legs, or anywhere, you are able to physically balance it.

When you take the time to feel that energy and you combine those sensations with your breath, and feel the moment, you end up balancing not only at the physical level but also at the emotional level. When you are there and go deeper moving your energy around your energy channels, you are able to connect yourself with the energy greater than yours.

That is the power and the difference between regular meditation and qigong meditation.

I hope this helps you to understand why qigong is more powerful in healing and connecting to the divine, or the universe, or the energy greater than you, than regular meditation.

Connecting to the divine is where healing resides.

If you want to take small steps into the principles and practice of Qigong, download my FREE guide HERE.


Do You Suffer from Chronic Fatigue?

 Or do you occasionally feel fatigue?

Bubling Spring

The solution is in your body, yes in that same body that feels fatigued because the solution is always in the vital energy Qi, that flows through your body.

Any discomfort, sickness or pain is associated with a vital energy blockage so all you have to do is to release the blockage and the discomfort, sickness or pain goes away.

When it comes to fatigue, the blockage can be released by firmly tapping with a loose fist, or firmly massaging with the fingers, the point located on the sole of each foot, on the top of the mid arch.

This point is known in Chinese medicine as the “bubbling spring” or “longevity point” because it belongs to the kidney energy channel that deals, among many other things, with life force.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, this point is going to be sore, tapping it is going to be painful, but you must do it to get the vital energy Qi flowing, and get rid of your fatigue.

Tap the point twice a day for one to three minutes on both feet, one foot and then the other one. You’ll notice improvement everyday and as with The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, you should practice every day.

Once you remove the blockage, continue to practice at least three days a week to maintain your achieved state.

To help you understand why you should practice often, let me make an analogy with your teeth: brushing them once, cleans them up, but you have to brush them daily to keep them in good shape. 😊