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Tension in the Neck?

When there is tension in the neck there tends to be no communication between the head and the torso.

When there is no communication between the head and the torso, there is no communication between the brain and the heart.

In case you have not read me before, according to Chinese metaphysical studies, the brain hosts the conscious mind, the decision maker, while the heart hosts the subconscious mind, which is the one connected to the universal wisdom.

In other words, the heart is wiser than the mind, and on top of that it is also humbler. Therefore, when there is no communication between the brain and the heart, the mind takes over and when the mind takes over, it does it without mercy. It can lead us to great inventions, but it can also immerse us in deep states of anxiety and depression.

To promote communication between the head and the torso, which supports communication between the brain and the heart, massage your C7 vertebra, which is the protruding bone toward the top of the spine, at the bottom of the neck. Do it as follows:

  • Use either hand and massage around the vertebra in a circular way.
  • Squeeze the skin around the vertebra and hold it tightly for three seconds, and then release and squeeze again.


Follow one or both methods for two or three minutes, two or three times a day or as needed.

Massaging C7 is also beneficial when there are headaches, colds, fever, and shoulder pain.

Add massaging C7 to your morning routine for increased benefits.

You Speak, I Listen

You speak, I listen... this why it is good if you email me or leave me comments.

I was asked for tips to improve energy at home... Why so? Because if you have been following me you know that vital energy flows in the air, therefore, vital energy is not only flowing within you, but it also flows around you.

When you stimulate your vital energy through practices like The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, or through more advanced Qigong principles and techniques, you generate a magnetic field that protects you from unfavorable energy around you. However, the best practice is to stimulate your vital energy to keep it flowing and strengthen your magnetic field, and ADDITONALLY, to stay in places that have favorable energy or avoid places or structures that have or promote unfavorable energy.

You may wonder how to do that... the answer lies in the art and science of feng shui, which is NOT the art of placing objects, as it is sometimes defined.

All objects, starting with rivers and mountains, which gave rise to the first studies of feng shui, radiate and/or attract energy; therefore, their location promotes or hinders the flow of favorable energy, but feng shui does not rely on placing objects.

Feng shui is the science of evaluating the flow of energy in the environment so we can use it to help us achieve our goals.

For this reason, the best feng shui practice is to be in the place where there is favorable energy, and by that, I mean being in that place or places six or more hours a day.

That said, periodically check out my most recent articles in this Blog to know every month which are the places with favorable energy.