Bazi is a scientific technique that reveals the cosmic components at the time of birth. Even if you don’t believe it, you are influenced by the planets and stars in the universe and they specially impact you at the time you come to life.

The position of the planets and stars when you are born stamps tendencies in your personality and potentials. These tendencies make you more suitable for some roles than for others and practicing the roles that you are suitable for, makes your life easier and your chances for success higher.

The roles you are suitable for are not necessarily the ones that you think you like the most, sometimes those roles are not even in your plans until late in life and at that time you realize that you should have practiced them long before.

Some people are so lucky that they start practicing at a very young age the roles that they are good for. Some other people never seek to practice those roles and they miss the opportunity to enjoy an easier and more prosperous life.

The sooner you understand the blue print that the planets and stars stamped in your life at the time of birth, the sooner you are able to identify your true potentials and the faster you are able to get the best out of them.

Since the planets and stars are always around, their position influences you all the time. Once you identify their initial blueprint, you can also identify the conditions they create on a permanent basis, which allows you to determine the most suitable times to start new pursuits, to acquire new skills, to take new responsibilities or to change jobs, to name some.

Your career cannot be fully predicted because there is free will but Bazi is a great tool to guide your free will on. Bazi provides information that allows you to act now and to make changes now so your career can be as prosperous as it can possibly be.


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