Did you Prepare your Place for the Year?


In my previous article I gave you instructions on how to use energy in your environment to help you achieve your goals for the year. These recommendations are based on feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice that studies the flow of energy on earth and its impact on sentient beings. If you haven’t read that article I strongly recommend you do it now because what I’m about to say is important for the month of February but the overall energy of the year is more important.

If you have read me before you know that energy changes every hour, every month, and every year, this is why I put together yearly recommendations and try to put together monthly recommendations as well.

On top of those recommendations that deal with your external energy, keep in mind to keep your own inner energy in good shape as well, that is as important to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life, and you can start achieving it practicing The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.

Going back to the monthly recommendations, during the month of February that according to the solar Chinese calendar runs from February 4th to March 4th, 2024, the best places to occupy are North, Northwest, and Northeast. You will be safe in those locations but if you really want to benefit from their energy you have to take action and do what is supported by their energy.

SOUTHEAST is favorable to improve your knowhow, and turn it into long term achievements and accumulate merit, nevertheless, if you are a young woman, you could see an increased vulnerability to get into arguments with older women, if you are a mature woman, you could see an increased vulnerability to get into arguments with younger women so try to stay away from conflict.

SOUTH is favorable to speak and let the audience know your viewpoint, but you have to be prepared to receive criticism because your viewpoint might not be well accepted. In any case this could be a good location to improve your eloquence and persuasiveness.

SOUTHWEST is a favorable sector as long as you are patient since the energy in the sector implies the need to be perseverant in what you’re doing before being able to collect the benefits. As long as you’re willing to continue to work and wait, you will be able to create opportunities for yourself.

WEST is not really usable during the month of February, if you read the yearly recommendations, this sector is the worse during the year, and the energy in February doesn’t help, it makes things more chaotic. For this reason it would better to avoid the sector and to be careful with what you say because it can be taken against you or misinterpreted.

NORTHWEST, which was nasty last year, becomes favorable this year, and during the month of February implies wisdom with power, leading to the completion of projects and improved relations. If you are trying to climb the corporate ladder and/or connect with mentors to achieve greatness, this is the place to be.

NORTH is also a favorable place to be during the month of February, especially if you are trying to establish connections to leverage on the resources they have to offer and use them to their full potential.

NORTHEAST during the month of February implies great power with great responsibility so if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, you may stay in this location. You’ll encounter some challenges, but you’ll be able to walk towards greatness.

EAST is favorable for those with great dreams who require great courage and perseverance to achieve them. This sector is especially favorable to train for a competition or for a contest, or to play a great performance.

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