Feng Shui during December 2022

In case this is the first time you read me, there is vital energy Qi flowing within yourself, around yourself and throughout the whole universe.

It is important to keep Qi flowing because when Qi flows it triggers health, happiness, and success. When Qi gets stuck it triggers sickness, sadness, and misfortune.

To keep your own Qi flowing, start by practicing The Five Moring Habits to Win the Day.

To keep the Qi around you flowing, follow the principles of feng shui and start by occupying the sectors containing favorable Qi. If you want to enhance the benefits of that Qi, perform the activities that are appropriate to be performed in those sectors, or go to the sectors that are appropriate for the activities that you want to perform.

During the month of December 2022 that goes from December 7th, 2022, until January 4th, 2023 you may stay safely in almost any place of your living space except South, where the energy is very unstable and harmful. Don’t use south unless you want something to explode.

You could also avoid northwest, primarily if you are sick or if you want to avoid problems with your spouse.

North is appropriate for networking activities. It is great to connect with powerful people.

Northeast is good to improve your knowhow, in anything, but even better if it is in wealth, assets or money management matters, so you have what it takes to make better decisions.

Stay in the East if you want to grow, to become better at something or to win. This is also the place to nail down wealth opportunities. You could also become more argumentative, but it could be worthy.

Stay in the southeast if you need clarity of the mind or if after learning something you need to understand it better. This is also the place to be seen by others or to get other people’s attention.

Southwest is appropriate to talk to the masses and influence them so if you are an influencer or plan to be one, use this sector.

Use West if you are looking for cooperation, for business partners and/or for courage and resilience.

Have a great month.:)


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