How to Manifest?



The word 'manifestation' is used more and more during these days, I think it is the result of more and more people coming to realize that we are co-creators of our life.

Life doesn’t happen to us; life has a lot to do with what we make happen.

To manifest is to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. But it goes beyond wishful thinking because to manifest, the whole of you must be synchronized with what you are manifesting. You not only have to think about it, you also have to believe in it and feel it is possible.

Manifesting is really a body, mind, and spirit practice, this is why when it comes to manifesting, feelings are even more important than thoughts. You literally have to feel it for it to become true. If you think about it but deep in your heart you don’t feel it’s possible, it won’t happen.

If you recall from previous articles and going back to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, your heart is the emperor in your body, your heart energy channel is connected to your subconscious mind that holds 90% of your energy while your conscious mind only holds 10% so if you your heart is not part of your manifestation process, the process won’t work.

On top of believing and feeling what you are manifesting, you also must be synchronized with that energy in the universe. And that reminds me of a famous quote that says “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”—Bashar

So how do you match that frequency? Well, In Chinese metaphysics terms the way of approaching this would be aligning Qi (vital energy) in four realms: universe, heaven, earth and man.

Universe deals with forces beyond you, heaven deals with time, earth deals with feng shui and man deals with your own energy and actions.

This seems complicated, and it could be. The good news is that when you practice The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day you focus on yourself, you let you heart rule and when your heart rules you synchronize with the universal energy and its unlimited possibilities.

This is why when you practice these habits or even other body-mind exercises on a regular basis, they have a domino effect, they make everything in your life to start falling in place and you getting everything that you were wishing for, or things that you were not wishing for but that you realize are much better for you.


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