Knee Pain?


Knee pain is common among adults, and it is usually associated with “wear and tear” from daily activities like walking, standing, going up stairs and so on.

In other words, knee pain seems to be caused by aging, and in fact it is, even though athletes who play sports that involve running or jumping are also likely to experience knee pain.

The secret to reduce or avoid knee pain, besides trying not to over charge your knees with excess weight, abrupt movements, and extreme pivoting, is an energy point located next to your hips.

This point is a connection between your lower body and your torso, so when you keep it open you allow energy to flow properly between both, and of course, to get to your knees where you need it the most.

This point is in the hollow area right behind your hip bones (on both hips) at the level of your pubic bone. To stimulate this point and trigger energy flow, make a fist with both hands and tap as firmly as you can without discomfort.

Do this for one to three minutes, three times a day or as needed.

This energy stimulation is also beneficial to reduce or avoid sciatic pain and numbness in the legs, as well as to restore damaged cartilage not only in the knees but also in the hips.

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