Hormonal imbalance? It's Never too Soon or too Late to Manage It


Today my blog post focuses on women, but if you are a man and you have a woman by your side (even your mom), it is worth reading it and sharing the information with her.

It is very common to hear that we women tend to have many mood swings due to our hormones, men complain because they say we are very difficult to understand.

We might be difficult to understand, or we might not, but regardless, most of us women, can realize the changes in our body and in our emotional state of being due to our hormones. We experience that since we are adolescents until very late in life due to menopause.

Having said that, it is literally never too soon or too late to keep our hormonal levels balanced, at the end, balance in all aspects of our life is what makes it great.

To keep your hormones in balance, to diminish or get rid of irregular periods, to diminish or get rid of hot flashes, to improve your reproductive organs health, practice the following:

Rub your hands until they are warm. Place the center of your right palm on your right nipple and the center of your left palm on the left nipple. Massage your nipples with the center of your palms in a circular way, 36 times in one direction and 36 times in the other direction. Then take one to three deep breaths and as you do that, lift and hold your breasts a little with your hands.

Do this twice a day, morning and evening before going to bed is the best.

Continue to practice The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day to keep your emotional state in good shape.


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