Are You in Pain?


If you have pain anywhere in your body, there are several things that you can do to diminish it and even to get rid of it. Your body has the capacity to recover, but it needs your help.

First, there is a pain management point in your hands, which you can massage as often as you want in a circular way or anyway. It is at the depression between the end of your index finger bone, and your thumb, so use your other thumb (on any hand, but preferably on your right hand) to massage that point on any hand (preferably on your left hand). This is a very simple exercise that you can practice anywhere.

Second, as hard as it might be and/or as weird as it might sound, do not hate your pain, that is not going to take it away, it might only increase its strength. Instead of hating it, appreciate it, treat it with love and kindness because it is helping you, it is letting you know that something is not going well and that there might be a behavior that you need to change.

Third, when you massage the pain point in your hand, or at any other time that you consciously set aside, give thanks to your pain for the lesson that you are learning through it, tell it to please go, and visualize it turning into smoke and going away.

Fourth, while you follow my third recommendation, or at any other time that you consciously set aside, breathe deeply and slowly. You may do it as described in The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, or at least just deeply, because breathing deeply improves almost everything.

There are other points in your body to specifically calm some type of pains. Leave me a comment telling me where you feel the pain, and I will let you know where to massage your body.



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