Stressed out?


Stress 7

I practice The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, every day, yet sometimes I feel stress.

Stress is inevitable because it is a reaction to an external circumstance, such as a problem or challenge, and external circumstances are part of everyday life; they usually occur unexpectedly, and tend to be out of our control, therefore, stress is usually inevitable.

But the problem is not feeling stress, the problem is allowing stress to dominate. It is perfectly fine to feel stress, just as it is perfectly fine to feel any emotion, even if it seems to be destructive. What’s important is to recognize it and control it promptly so it does not control us... and for that, the third habit is very effective, but if you follow all of them, the result is better.

If any of the external circumstances that trigger your stress is within your circle of influence, try to modify it, but if it is out of your control, do not waste your energy trying to modify something that you cannot change. In that case, modify your reaction to the external circumstance, modify the perception you have of that event.

Stress attacks people on their weaker side, so when it is left out of control, everybody experiences its consequences in a different way.

Many mental, emotional, and physical, aches and pains are diagnosed as stress and their symptoms are cured differently, but if we treat stress at its root, the cure is the same, it is a matter of managing it when it occurs with techniques as The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, or better off, of changing the reaction to the circumstances that trigger it.

"When you can't change things, change your perception of things so that things change."


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