What Do You Know About Meditation?


In simple words, meditation is the art of keeping the mind in the present moment:

When the mind goes back to the past, there tends to be sadness for what happened or for what could had happened that didn’t happen.

When the mind goes to the future, there tends to be anxiety for the unknown that could happen.

This is why meditation feels so good and provides tremendous benefits, because life fulfillment is only available in the present moment.


Scientific research studies have showed that meditation can help with regulating emotions, reducing depression and controlling anger…some research results even suggest that meditation also has a desirable physiological effect that might increase a person’s lifespan.

On the other hand, those who practice meditation on a regular basis have reported a range of positive psychological changes, including:

  • Enhance wellbeing and a sense of purpose and feeling of control over their life and surroundings
  • Increased mindfulness (being able to observe their experience in a non-reactive manner)
  • Decreased neuroticism and negative emotionality
  • Increased empathy
  • Decreased tendencies to be anxious and avoidant in interpersonal relationships
  • More resilience and greater ability to meet challenges

Nevertheless, many people find it hard to meditate because they think it can only be done sitting with no movement. While they try to stay in that position, they simply tend to be thinking with their eyes closed, so their mind wanders between the past and the future and it never stays in the present moment.

What most people don’t know is that there are other forms of meditation, and one of them is known as moving or dynamic meditation and that is what happens when you practice Qigong.

A moving meditation is a much easier way to meditate because the movements give your mind something to focus on so it stays in the present moment.

Additionally, in the case of Qigong, the movements activate your meridian or energy points, reestablishing your vital energy flow and allowing you to reestablish health.

This is the reason why you do not hear stories about people cured from cancer just by practicing meditation.

However, there are success stories of people cured from cancer, as well as many other physical illnesses, by practicing of qigong.

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