Who is Your Life Partner?


Who is your life partner?

Your job?

Your significant other?

Your mom?

Your dad?

Your son or daughter?

Your friend?


Your true-life partner is your body... as mundane as it may be.

Once your body stops responding, no one is there with you.

You and your body are together from the moment you are born until you die.

What you do to your body is your responsibility.

Believe it or not, your health and your illness are your responsibility, therefore, you have the power to trigger them.

You have the power to make your body deteriorate and be useless, and you have the power to make your body work and serve you for many more years.

The more you take care of your body, the more your body takes care of you.

What you eat, what you do to be fit, how you manage your stress, how you pursue balance... decides how your body responds.

Your body is your only permanent residence.

Money comes and goes, job roles change, friends and relatives are not permanent, your body is the only one that stays with you always.

Leave me a comment if you want to know what else to do to make your body work for many more years. While you do that, don’t stop practicing The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day, those are a great start :)

Your body is your asset or your liability, what would you like it to be? It's up to you.


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