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Discover your natural ability to heal yourself and others and to tap into the wisdom of the universe that will give you everything that you need


Qigong Inside with characters


Learn to restore your inner energy (Qi) flow through body movements, visualization and sound.

Help yourself and help others to heal from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual illnesses that are always caused by energy blockages. 

Qigong was developed thousands of years ago in China and continues to be practiced to maintain health and to promote wellbeing. Qigong has traditionally been very complex and surrounded in mystery, but international Qigong Master Chunyi Lin developed Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ), a revolutionary form of Qigong that woks in today’s world and is so simple that it can be practiced by anyone.


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You have a couple of options:

1. Attend a SFQ practice or host one at your favorite place.

2. Attend a SFQ Certified Level 1 training class, dive into the concepts and principles of SFQ, learn and practice all the techniques, and develop your natural ability to heal yourself and to help others to heal.


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Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


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1. Give the gift of health and happiness to your relatives and friends by hosting a practice at your place. 

One hour practice for up to 10 people $297 *

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2. Attend a SFQ Certified Level 1 Training (9am to 5pm): $197 per person.

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*Rate subject to change outside Broward county.


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  • Jyoti Arora


    "My experience with Bazi (Chinese Astrology) with Viviana has been miraculous as when with general Fengshui I couldn't achieve good results it was her brilliant methods that helped me overcome my tribulations. I’m very thankful to her kind and patient approach. I find her humble and a pool of knowledge".

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