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Start your transformation process now. Contact me to book a complimentary phone chat to explain you how it works.


Reach a happier and more prosperous life. Leave your worries behind. Become aware of your true self, minimize your weaknesses, maximize your strengths and get support from the universal energy to reach your goals faster and easier than ever.

Viviana is always looking to help people out, that is why she created a unique Life Coaching program to help people identify where they would like to be in life and to facilitate their path to success.

Viviana’s Life Coaching has a unique approach based on Chinese Metaphysics, a philosophy that deals with the study of Qi (the universal energy that exists everywhere), the principle of yin and yang and the Chinese theory of the five elements.

The use of metaphysical techniques like BaZi astrology, Date selection, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, and Qi Men Dun Jia, among others, allow people to easily and naturally reach transformation through self-awareness and the identification and implementation of successful actions plans.


Life Coaching is a program that starts with a Report Meeting to share with Viviana the issue(s) of concern and any information that will help her develop a Life Profile Report, which is based on the individual’s birthdate and allows him/her to become aware of his/her personality, potentials, motivators, weaknesses and strengths among many other aspects of his/her life. Once Viviana develops the Life Profile Report she also performs an Assessment of the current situation and then she goes over the Life Profile Report and the Assessment with the individual to determine reachable goals and establish an action plan that may include:

  • Conscious conduct changes
  • Self-improvement exercises
  • Activities synchronized with the energy at given moments in time
  • Qi Gong practices
  • Feng shui solutions

The progress of the plan is measured and adjusted through additional Periodic Assessments.

Viviana’s Life Coaching program is always tailored to the individual and all sessions are one-on-one.

Periodic Assessments can take place in person or they can take place remotely through Skype. They last 30 minutes to one hour.

Enrolling in the Life Coaching program allows people to get all Viviana Estrada – Life Coaching services like Life Profile, Life Decision Advice, Periodic Assessments and Feng Shui Consultations to work together in synergy optimizing their results.

Enrolling in the Life Coaching program guarantees priority access and on-going advice from Viviana.

Life Coaching allows people to become aware of themselves and of their surroundings, which is the first step in the process of transformation.

Life Coaching helps people go from where they are to where they want to be in many areas of their life.

Life Coaching enables people to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Birth date preferably including time of birth to increase the accuracy of the analysis.


Once you fill out the Start Now form on this page, Viviana will email you a link to key in your birth data, any applicable goals that you may want to achieve through Life Coaching and your preferred method of contact.  Enrollment in the program requires the payment of a retainer fee deposited in a non-interest-bearing account and regulated by a retainer agreement that Viviana will share with you for your approval before making any commitments.

The retainer agreement gives you a preferential treatment and access to all coaching services whenever you need them. The retainer agreement allows all coaching services to reach synergies that wouldn't be reached if the services were purchased separately.

The price for all services provided during the Life Coaching program, including but not limited to Life Profile, Periodic Assessments and  Feng Shui Consultations are deducted from the account as they are delivered. When the existing retainer balance runs out, Viviana Estrada – Life Coaching will generate a bill to replenish it. Account statements will be emailed on a monthly basis.

Once the retainer fee is received, Viviana will start working on your case and get in contact with you to schedule your first Life Coaching session, which is known as the Report Meeting.

At any point of the process you may contact Viviana to get additional information or support.