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Make It a Grateful Christmas

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas you can’t ignore that it is a special time around the world. You can’t ignore either that this 2020 Christmas is different from previous ones due to the challenges that humanity has gone and still going through, however, let me take this opportunity to go back to basics and remind you that even in the worst moments and even in the worst situations there is always something good, this is the principle of existence.

Everything exists in relation to something else, there is no day without night, there is no noise without silence, there is no good without bad and so on. This is the principle of yin and yang, the two basic energies in everything that we know (and even in what we don’t know). There is always some yin within the yang and some yang within the yin, and yin and yang are always seeking balance.

When yin and yang are balanced, everything is perfect, the problem is that nothing in the universe is static, everything changes and as it changes it generates yin and yang imbalance.

The good news is that you have the ability to promote yin and yang balance and you can do it simply with your mind. For this reason, no matter how bad 2020 has been for you, there has to be something good so look for it, focus on it, and be grateful!

The more you focus and feel grateful for the good stuff in your life, even if it is very little, the more you enhance it and balance out the not so good stuff. This is one of the very simple techniques to promote yin and yang balance to be better, to do better and ultimately to be happier.

Contact me if you want to learn more techniques to improve your life. In the meantime, Merry Christmas…Make it Grateful to Make it Merrier!

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