Finally, after much anticipation, Baby Sussex has arrived and his father seems to be the most proud and joyful man on earth at this time.

But what are the major character traits that Baby Sussex is going to show up during his life? What are his strengths and weaknesses? 

To answer that question we go to my BaZi calculator and plot Baby Sussex birth chart. You can also plot your birth chart at any time.

Baby Sussex Birth chart.png


Since 2019 is the year of the earth pig, Baby Sussex is said to be born on the year of the pig but as I have mentioned before, the year of birth doesn’t determine our personality, even though that is the popular belief.

What really determines our personality is the day of birth and for Baby Sussex that is Yin Water, also known as Gui.

As a Yin Water individual Baby Sussex is very intuitive and resourceful, or better off, he will soon be, since his personality will develop and be noticeable as he grows up.

He will also tend to be moody and idealistic but based on the other elements in his birth chart he will be an inspirational creator, energetic and innovative; a little over controlling but good at setting goals and making decisions, he will not wait or ask for permission; he will have good money management skills and will be compassionate and kind.


He will tend to travel a lot for work, he will acquire fame and reputation (he already has some of that 😊) and he will love to enjoy the finest things in life.

He will be good at net-working and will be able to get a lot of help from elders, superiors and friends but might have affinity issues with his grandparents.

Do you want to know more about Baby Sussex or about yourself? I suggest you request your Life Profile.


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