If you read my article How to Have Good Luck during the Year of the Rooster 2017 you should know by now that all Chinese birth charts carry four zodiac animals and all zodiac animals in a birth chart impact the luck of the individual. 


In the article I mentioned that every year, all zodiac animals host different favorable stars, the more favorable stars they host, the luckier they are and the better they make the life of the individual.

In the article I didn’t mention that in addition to favorable stars, all zodiac animals also host unfavorable stars, I like to focus on the positive and favorable stars balance out the impact of unfavorable stars, however, when there are few favorable stars the unfavorable stars really show up.

It has come to my attention that since Mr. Trump’s inauguration there is a new political controversy every day and I decided to share with you how those controversies show the impact of the negative stars in Mr. President’s Chinese birth chart.

As seen below, Mr. President has a dog, a horse, a goat and a snake in his Chinese birth chart.

Out of Mr. President’s four zodiac animals, the only one with various positive stars is the horse. Mr. President will definitively have opportunities to prosper and celebrate, however the horse also has some negative stars that imply unwanted relationships, arguments and disputes.

The dog in Mr. President’s year of birth has only one positive star, a very powerful one that will allow him to make new connections with people in high ranking positions and to be the center of attention (no wonder), however the dog also hosts some stars that imply enemies and backstabbing, especially female backstabbing. On top of that the dog has a star that implies big ideas that disappear so it would be better for Mr. President to break his ideas in little projects and tackle them one at a time.

The goat in Mr. President’s day of birth has only one positive star that won’t help him much, actually it could bring him communication problems. At a very personal level, the goat’s negative stars will make him feel lonely and he will tend to offend people without even knowing it.

Last but not least Mr. President has a snake in his hour of birth and the snake doesn’t have any positive stars so Mr. President has to be very careful with his investments because the universe is not on his side on this aspect of his life. Additionally, Mr. President will face a lot of gossips and many will talk behind his back.

Birth charts are static but as explained above, every year brings new energies that impact them and on top of that people go through luck periods that change approximately every 10 years and also influence all areas of people’s life. As shown on the following image, Mr. President is going through a luck pillar that contains the zodiac animal ox.

The ox impacts all areas of Mr. President’s life. During the year of the rooster 2017 the ox hosts some positive stars but it also hosts a star that implies arguments and disputes.

Being said that, Mr. President has challenging quarrelsome stars in every zodiac animal of his Chinese birth chart.

What can he do to improve his luck?

  • Avoid triggering the arguments. Most likely not an easy task with all the projects he has on his hands.
  • Help Others. The more the better, more good karma points to counter the unfavorable stars. This is a general rule in life but it is especially true for Mr. President due to the presence of the zodiac animal dog in his chart.
  • Feng shui the White House. Might not be an easy task either but it would definitively balance out the unfavorable stars in his chart. 


Contact me if you want to know exactly what stars do you have and how they will impact your life. This information will allow you to take appropriate actions to shape your future the way you want.


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