When applying feng shui the best practice is to avoid the bad and go for the good because not everything can be cured. For this reason when it comes to buying or renting a home it is better to evaluate it following some basic feng shui principles before making a decision.

The first thing that you need to do is check out its surroundings: make sure the land behind is higher than the land in front; the front of the house is open and clear of obstructions; there are no energy pylons close by, the landscape around looks lush and healthy and there aren’t any bodies of water (ponds, lakes or pools) located at the northeast, northwest, west or south of the house.

Once you verify the outside ask for a copy of the floor plan, a printed one because what you need to see is the shape of the house and that is not easy to verify just by walking around. Does the shape look like a square or a rectangle? If it doesn’t it is better to forget about buying or renting that place or to engage a professional feng shui consultant to determine exactly what areas of your life are going to be affected due to the missing sectors or protrusions. The reason behind this recommendation is that each of the sectors in a 3 by 3 grid is associated with a member of the family, a part of the body, a sickness, a life aspiration and much more. If you superimpose the 3 by 3 grid on the floor plan and you find out that one or more of the sectors of the grid don’t exist, the absence of those sectors will negatively impact the aspects that they represent.

Maybe the affected family member(s) aren’t members of your household or maybe you don’t care about the life aspiration that the sector(s) represent(s), if that is the case it might be OK for you to live in that house but please check it out. Once you verify the shape of the house go and explore the location of the main door, the bedroom(s), the home office (if you plan to work from home) and the stove. Avoid obstructions right inside the main door, pillars in the middle of any space, awkward bedroom shapes and sloped ceilings. Avoid as well ceiling beams right on top headboards, stovetops without support, and fire places, bathrooms and staircases in the center of the house.

If all the previous tests scored high you might want to engage a professional feng shui consultant to determine the quality of energy inside the place based on formulas. The main door is the conduct of energy into the house so you want to make sure that whatever comes through that door is favorable; the bedrooms are the locations where you and your loved ones spend at least eight hours every day so the energy in those rooms better be good too otherwise it could cause sickness and misfortune; the home office is the place where you spend at least other eight hours every day so it also needs to be favorable; the stove is considered the center of health that allows you to generate wealth so you really want it to be in a safe place.

I know the perfect home is not easy to find but if it was easy everybody would have a perfect life.



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