When I talk about The Secret I’m talking about The Secret that relies on the Law of Attraction, which is no longer a secret because nowadays everybody knows it. However knowing The Secret is not always enough to benefit from it because it is not enough to think positively to get positive outcomes, you also have to feel positively to manifest those outcomes. In other words you have to truly believe on what you think, in order to make it happen and that means that you have to be able to feel that it happens. Yes to feel, not to think, feelings are much more powerful than thoughts. This sounds easy but it is not, give it a try and see it for yourself, think on that, that you want, visualize yourself having it, can you also sincerely feel that you have it? Can you feel it is yours? Probably yes or probably not. If you don’t feel it, if you are not convinced it won’t happen. So what else can you do? There are tools like astrology, which allow you to know yourself better and to identify what is stopping you from feeling your positive thoughts, once you identify the reason you are able to address it so it is no longer an issue. There are also other tools like feng shui that allow you to get support from the environment. When you tune into the energy of the environment it becomes favorable for you and it supports you beyond your thoughts so don’t even have to think or feel positively to change your life and get what you want. Stay tuned to learn more.


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