Meditation is, among others, a way to balance the energy between our Yin self (spirit) and our Yang self (body).

For some people meditation might be against their faith or their beliefs and their position deserves the utmost respect but did you know that there are various scientific examinations on meditation that give proof of its benefits?

For instance, there is a research project named Shamatha Project, probably the most comprehensive study on meditation ever conducted, led by Dr. Clifford Saron, a neuroscientist at the University of California Davis campus (UC Davis), which showed that “…people undergoing intensive meditation training became better at making fine visual distinctions and sustaining attention…the ability to sustain attention, previous research shows, can help with regulating emotions, reducing depression and controlling anger…some of our research results even suggest that meditation also has a desirable physiological effects that might increase a person’s lifespan “.

Additionally “The meditators reported (in questionnaires) a range of positive psychological changes, including:

  • enhance wellbeing and a sense of purpose and feeling of control over their life and surroundings;

  • increased mindfulness (being able to observe their experience in a non-reactive manner);

  • decreased neuroticism and negative emotionality;

  • increased empathy

  • decreased tendencies to be anxious and avoidant in interpersonal relationships; and

  • more resilience and greater ability to meet challenges”

 Being said that why not giving it a try?

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