Many people hope to find a solution to improve their love life but when it comes to romantic relationships the first thing to do is to look at the person’s birth chart to identify what is going on, otherwise the common solutions will not work. This is the case of some of my girlfriends that are desperately looking for love but have not realized that a “significant-other” is not meant for everyone and that in order to find and stay with one, they need to modify their behavior or change their expectations.

In the study of Chinese astrology, a person’s life is described by the relationship between the five Chinese elements in his/her birth chart and each Chinese element represents an aspect of the person’s life. The five Chinese elements have productive, weakening and controlling cycles so an element is produced by another element, it is weaken by another element and it is controlled by another element. Since each element represents an aspect of the person’s life, in all cases, regardless of the element, the element representing a woman’s significant-other is always controlled by the woman’s talents’ element, which represents her ability to use her skills to achieve success; when the talents’ element is too strong (like in the case of my successful corporate girlfriends) it places a lot of pressure on the significant-other’s element and if the woman doesn’t modify her behavior to decrease that pressure, or changes her expectations on the relationship, the relationship breaks. With this being said, if you are a woman with a successful career don’t expect to find a man who will completely indulge you, protect you and provide for you (like in the old times) because technically speaking that is not feasible.

By the way, have you ever wondered why do you feel attracted to some people and you engage into personal relationships? It is not because of their looks, it is because of the mixture of elements in their birth charts and in this case opposites do not attract: it is the similarities and the combinations between the elements in their birth charts and the elements in your birth chart the ones that bring you together.

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