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Three Dimensional Love


VIV1“Imagine you and I start from the same location and one of us walks East and the other one walks West. At one level of awareness, which we will call “two dimensional”, it appears that we are walking in opposite directions and getting further apart. If we shift to a “three dimensional” awareness and look at the situation from above, we could see that the Earth is round and that we are walking both away from each other and toward each other at the same time, the fact that we are moving further apart and closer together at the same time can only be perceived at the higher level of awareness. If we keep walking around the Earth, we will pass each other on the opposite side and eventually meet in the same location in which we began”.

Extracted from the Enlightened Relationship by Steve Smith, LMFT


The Metaphysics of Love

love energy methaphisycsLove is energy vibrating at the highest possible frequency and coming from our own inner self because deep inside our core we are pure loving energy.

We are an expression of the universal consciousness that gave birth to creation. The universal consciousness is the original energy. When we reach a higher level of consciousness we align with the universal consciousness within us, which is our true inner self, and our minds and bodies interpret this alignment as the feeling of love.

Our emotions are indicators of how closely our thoughts and self-energy frequency are in alignment with our own true inner self at any given moment of time. For instance, our true self believes that we have unlimited potential, if we are in doubt of our abilities these thoughts are not aligned with our true inner self and we experience uncomfortable feelings.

On the other hand, when we see the best in our partners or friends and we believe in them, it feels good because we are aligned with who we truly are and we are feeling love.

When we don’t like something in our partners and we try to withhold love from them it feels bad because we are moving away from our true nature, the nature of unconditional love.

Consciously choosing to return to love is an act of self-love, even if the love is directed to others because it brings us closer to our true inner self. It is important to know that we are either moving towards love or away from love at any point of time and that translates into moving towards the alignment with our true inner self or moving away from it. Where would you like to be?