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Feng Shui and Colors

In Chinese metaphysics each of the five Chinese elements is associated with a color and in feng shui each sector of a house is associated with an element so subsequently it is associated with a color.

Generally speaking water is associated with blue, wood with green, fire with red, earth with yellow and metal with white. However, colors generate a very little impact on the quality of energy in a place. The greater impact comes from the use of the actual elements so for instance if you need wood you need a real plant, a green pillow won’t do the trick.

There are tons of articles relating wellbeing to the use of colors because it is proven that colors impact your emotional state but classical feng shui doesn’t deal with emotions, it doesn’t even deal with beliefs. Don’t think that just because Chinese coins are tied with a red ribbon or Chinese people on New Year show their appreciation to their friends giving them money in red envelopes, decorating with red tones will make you rich. Feng shui doesn’t work like that, it takes much more than the use of colors to manipulate the energy or to tap on the favorable energy around you.

In any case, since colors affect your emotional estate, if it makes you happy to enhance each corner of your house using the color associated with it, follow the table below and go for it.





Black, blue

East and Southeast



Red, orange, pink

Northeast, Southwest, Center

Yellow, brown

Northwest, West

White, silver, gold

Let’s talk about Money

Human aspirations can be summarized in three subjects: wealth, health and love. As much as we need to be healthy to create wealth and give and receive love to feel fulfilled, the first thing we usually look for is wealth.

Money can’t buy everything but it certainly tends to make everything easier. That is why when it comes to Chinese metaphysics wealth is one of the top areas of focus.

There are many ways to create wealth but not all of us have the same wealth capacity. Wealth capacity is written in your birth chart. Your birth chart also tells you if you are more likely to make money from a steady income or more likely to make money from windfalls; if you are suitable to own a business or you are better off working for others; if you were born to be a star or you are better off working behind the scenes; if your best time to make money is gone or if it is still to come. Anything that you want to know is written there as a tendency that can only be modified through conscious actions and feng shui. This is why feng shui is such an important tool.

There are many ways to make money through feng shui and most of them are based on your own birth chart and on your own working or living space. Even the recommendations that are somehow generic, acquire a much higher rate of success if they are combined or customized to your own living space and take in consideration your own birth date.

Wealth elements, directions and locations are different for each individual based on his/her date of birth and based on his/her Gua number, which explains why even during the most difficult economic times some people make money.

I recently told you to locate yourself in the Southwest to make money this year, that information is correct but based on your birth date, on the source of your income and on your own living and working space you might be better off in other sectors of your place or you might need to apply additional techniques to counter unfavorable energy in your own living space or in your own birth chart.