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You Are Your Best Healer


You might have heard it before or you might have not but regardless, I want to bring it up to your attention because it is very important for you to keep it in mind.

I have mentioned before but in case this is the first time you read me, there is a vital energy that flows within you and throughout the whole universe. This is the same vital energy known as Qi for the Chinese, or as Prana for the Hindus, or as pneuma for the Greeks.

In our body, this vital energy flows through energy channels that behave like rivers on earth and bring energy to all the places where it is needed.

Think what happens when the water in a river overflows, it causes damages around it. Think what happens when the water level in a river goes down or when its flow is blocked by a man-built dam, that also causes damages around the area.

In a similar way when there is overflow or lack of vital energy in the body, we get sick, emotionally, mentally, physically, or even spiritually sick. In other words, any sickness and even any trouble or pain is due to a blockage or an imbalance of vital energy in the body. Up to the point that when the flow of vital energy stops, we simply die.

But our nature is so perfect, that we have an in-built capacity to restore our flow of vital energy and balance it, all we have to do is activate it. As with any skill, practice makes perfect so the more we activate our ability to restore our vital energy flow, the better we will get at it and the happier and healthier we will be.

We can activate that ability when we are already experiencing trouble, sadness, sickness, or pain, but it could be too late, because in some cases restoring the flow of vital energy takes time. That is why our best option is to activate it now and keep ourselves, as much as possible, away from emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual distress.

The activation of that ability is done through visualization, movement, breathing and sound. There are different techniques and all of them are within our own reach, but they are beyond the scope of this article. If you want to know more about them, please contact me.

In the meantime, I suggest you close your eyes, relax the shoulders, and breathe deeply and slowly inhaling and exhaling through the nose. When you breathe in, visualize beautiful light coming through every cell of your body. When you breathe out visualize any trouble, sickness, sadness, or pain turning into smoke and going away.

Smile and make it a beautiful day!


How to Trigger Results through Feng Shui during 2020


Your life is determined by what is given to you at the time of birth, by your actions and by the environment.

To trigger results during the year of the Rat 2020, which starts on February 4th, 2020 use your environment according to the feng shui recommendations explained below.

Feng shui is about location, direction and time for this reason the best feng shui practice is to locate yourself in the place where there is favorable energy or to do what is favorable to be done in the place where you are at.

During the year of the Rat 2020 the best places to be are West, Southeast, Northwest and Northeast. This applies to your residence and to your place of work.

To find those places, superimpose a 3x3 grid on your floor plan and determine its orientation with a compass as follows:

  1. Go to the center of the house (or office)
  2. Hold a compass in your hands pointing towards any direction and stay still until the compass stops moving.
  3. Mark that direction on the corresponding box and then label the other boxes accordingly.

Floor Plan with Bagua English.png

The West and Northwest are good to be used if you are interested on feng shui for wealth. You may use them as follows:

  • If you are looking for cash, locate yourself in the Northwest.
  • If you are looking for investments or you want to become better at planning and strategizing, locate yourself in the West.

If you are looking to grow or move forward in life during 2020, but not necessarily to become wealthier, you may use the Southeast and the Northeast as follows:

  • If you want authority or recognition, locate yourself in the Southeast.
  • If you want access to helpful people like mentors or advisors or even if you need to find a good doctor, or if you need to fix legal problems, locate yourself in the Northeast.

In any case, take action to reach your goals because feng shui creates opportunity but it is your responsibility to turn those opportunities into actual gains.

If you are not interested on feng shui for prosperity but you are interested on feng shui for love, the place to be is Southwest. This is also a good location to enhance all your personal relations, even the business ones, including increasing your number of clients. Locating yourself in this sector is also favorable to reach academic achievements.

The worse sector of the year is the East, the best practice is to avoid it: Don’t sleep there, don’t work there, don’t spend time there every day and don’t come into your house or office through a door in that location. If you don’t have any choice, follow these recommendations:

  • If you don’t have any other place to stay, diminish the strength of the unfavorable energy placing heavy metal objects in that location.
  • If you don’t have any other doors to enter your place, divert the energy: locate a screen inside, right in front the door, to force people including yourself, and the flow of energy Qi, to go to the Southeast or to the Northeast before going around the rest of the place.

Another sector that is not so favorable is the South. Staying there could cause illness so it is better to place heavy metal objects in that location as well.

North is not so recommended either because it could cause arguments and discord but if you want to shake up your life and reach any type of transformation, that is the place to be. It will be painful but at the end you will become a better self.

If you can't locate your bed, your desk, or your couch to spend 6 or more hours a day in the location that suits your needs, you can activate the energy in that location to get the benefits, but for that you have to contact me because activations must be done on favorable dates that connect with your birthdate.

Happy Year of the Rat 2020!