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Make Sure You Do The Right Thing At The Right Time


We are all connected to the universe in many ways, up to the point that the position of the planets and stars in the universe on the day and time that we are born, affects our life.

If the day and time that we are born affects our whole existence wouldn’t it be logical to say that the day and time we engage into any activity affects the outcome of that activity? Even those that don’t know astrology have somehow answered YES, otherwise we wouldn’t hear phrases like “Time is of the essence” or “Do the right thing at the right time”.

But how do we actually know if the time is right? It is easy, just relying on the Chinese who based on observations of the universe and empirical research came up with a system known as Date Selection or ZeRi, which correlates patterns of energy with events.

According to Chinese metaphysics, nothing in the universe occurs randomly, there are patterns of energy that can be tracked, calculated and pre-determined. Those patterns of energy are the foundation of the Art of Date Selection that encourages to start an activity at a point in time when the energy is the most conducive for that activity. 

The practice of Date Selection has been in place since the era before Christ, it was originally used to plan agricultural and war related activities but it has progressed along  the evolution of society, and now it is applied to activities like starting a business,  placing a law suit,  investing,  moving into a new house or a new office, listing a property for sale, starting  medical treatment, attending a job interview, starting a new job, opening an establishment, launching a product, submitting a proposal, commencing a construction, getting married, giving birth through a C-section, and so on. 

Bottom line not all days are created equal so not all days carry the same type of energy. Some days are good for somethings, some days are good for other things and some days are not good for anything.

According to Chinese metaphysics, everything in the universe takes place under the context of the Cosmic Trinity: Heaven, Man and Earth. When the three realms are taken in consideration is the only time when the results are the best. Earth primarily refers to location, man primarily refers to human action and heaven primarily refers to time, which denotes a specific date and time when a pre-determined planetary or star alignment is in place.

The art of Date Selection starts with the Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu, a book produced annually, containing the Chinese calendar and a color code to identify the good days and the bad days.  If you read Chinese and you understand the way the Tong Shu is written you could eventually figure out the generic good dates and bad dates but real date selection involves personalization: The date is not only generically good, it is also good for the activity to be performed and good for the person developing the activity. This is the reason why real date selection requires a thorough analysis and it has to take in consideration the BaZi birth chart of the person. Once we take into account all these factors we realize that there are not that many good days in a month or in a year and there might not be any good days in a week so it is important to plan ahead.

If you want to maximize your chances for success, contact me and ask me to calculate for you a personalized good date!


Is your Money from Windfalls or from Hard work?


Writing about money matters I realized that to be able to go deeper not only in terms of matters related with money but also in terms of matters related with love, it is better if I take the time to explain a very important concept in BaZi astrology, known as the ten gods.  

If you practice a religion, don’t panic, these ten gods have nothing to do with your God. There is nothing religious or spiritual about them, they are not even deities, they are stars or bodies of energy resulting from the interaction between the five Chinese elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The five Chinese elements interact with each other under three different cycles:  productive, controlling and weakening. To define the ten gods we are going to focus on the productive and controlling cycles:

The Productive Cycle

Wood produces fire, which produces earth, which produces metal, which produces water, which produces wood.

The Controlling Cycle

Wood controls earth (for instance, a plant that is wood, eats up all the nutrients in soil that is earth).

Earth controls water (for instance, soil that is earth, absorbs water and makes it disappear).

Water controls fire (water extinguishes fire).

Fire controls metal (fire melts metal).

Metal controls wood (for instance, a saw that is metal, chops wood).

On the other hand, as explained in a previous article titled  A Picture Paints a Thousand Words, in your BaZi chart you are identified as the top element in the day of birth, which is called the day master.

Applying the five element cycles in reference to your day master we obtain the following:

  • The element that produces you is your resource element. If it has the same polarity of your day master (yin or yang) it is known as indirect resource. If it has the opposite polarity it is known as direct resource.
  • The element that is the same element as you are, is your companion element. If it has the same polarity that you have it is your friend. If it has the opposite polarity it could be your competitor or enemy and it is known as rob wealth.
  • The element that you produce is your output element. If it has the same polarity that you have it is known as eating god, primarily because it enjoys good life, good food and fine arts. If it has the opposite polarity it is known as hurting officer because it tends to go against your officer that could be your boss or in the case of women, your spouse.
  • The element that you control is your wealth element. If it has the same polarity that you have it represents indirect wealth like windfalls. If it has the opposite polarity it represents direct wealth like salary.
  • The element that controls you is your influence element. If it has the same polarity that you have it is known as 7 killings, primarily because it tends to be very commanding and authoritative. If it has the opposite polarity it is known as direct officer who is also an authority but tends to be more reasonable and courteous than the 7 killings.

In summary, the ten gods’ English translation and their abbreviations are as follows:

Friend                                   F

Rob Wealth                         RW

Eating God                          EG

Hurting Officer                     HO

Direct Wealth                      DW

Indirect Wealth                    IW

Direct Officer                       DO

Indirect Officer                     IO

Direct Resource                  DR

Indirect Resource                IR

There is not a single object, person, relationship, or situation in life that cannot be represented or defined by a ten god and everything is written in your birth chart. For instance, let’s see if you are more inclined to make money from windfalls or from hard work:

  1. Go to my BaZi Calculator
  2. Using your birth date including the local time of birth at the place of birth, plot your own BaZi chart
  3. Identify your day master that is the top element in your day of birth
  4. Go to the top of this article and find out which is the element that your day master controls, which is your wealth element
  5. Do you have that element in your chart?
  6. Is it the same polarity as you are? In this case, it would be labeled with the initials IW in the chart
  7. Is it the opposite polarity? In this case, it would be labeled with the initials DW in the chart

Direct Wealth Chart.png

If you have any quantity of IW stars and any quantity of DW stars in your chart you have the capacity to make money from windfalls and from hard work.

If you only have IW stars, you mostly have the capacity to make money from wind falls, even though external circumstances beyond the scope of this article could make you more suitable to make money from hard work.

If you only have DW stars, you mostly have the capacity to make money from hard work, even though external circumstances beyond the scope of this article could make you more suitable to make money from windfalls.

If you don’t have in your birth chart any IW or DW stars you don’t have wealth stars in your chart but don’t panic, there are other ways to make money. Contact me to learn more.