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Let's talk about Money


I have dedicated my latest articles to love and there will be more articles on that topic because there is still a lot to say about it but this time I’m going to write about money because whoever doesn’t want love I’m sure is looking for money and most likely those who want love, would like some additional money as well.

As explained in my previous article http://www.vivianaestrada.com/en-US/blog/227-how-do-you-keep-the-love-alive.html we all have a relationship palace in our birth chart. Guess what, we also have a career palace, in this case more than a palace it is a pillar so it is like a two-story palace that has at least two energetical components, one on top and one below.

The career pillar represents what we do for living so it deals with any activity that we perform to make money. That pillar provides a lot of information regarding our most suitable activity to generate wealth. It tells us the what, the how and the where in a pictorial way because that is the way the Chinese like to communicate.

Of course, to unveil everything about our most suitable economic activity we need more than one article, as usual there are many layers, but let me at least start with the basic one, which is very easy to understand and it is very helpful. It deals with the field or industry we should work for.

If we are in the right field we enjoy our job, if we are not in the right field we could make money but we don’t enjoy our job. It is not a matter of not being able to expand in that field, it is a matter of not feeling well because there is little or no affinity. If we don't have affinity we don't see actual benefits from performing in that industry, we don't perceive a contribution, we don't believe that what we do makes a difference, so we don’t have enough passion.

On the other side, when we are in the right field we enjoy what we do, we find our job meaningful and rewarding and when we enjoy what we do the chances of making money are endless, we just have to make sure that on top of working in the right field we are also using our talents. And how do we know our talents? That will be addressed in a future article so stay tuned, in the meantime let me tell you how to determine if you are in the right field.

1.       Go to my BaZi Calculator and plot your natal chart. You don’t need your time of birth so if you don’t have it, it is OK.

2.      Identify your career pillar that is your month pillar.

3.       Identify the elements in that pillar. For this evaluation you don’t need to pay attention to the polarity (yin/yang), just focus on the elements per-se: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. For instance, the chart below contains wood, metal, fire and earth in the career pillar.

4.       Make sure that you work in a field or industry that is represented by any of the elements in your career pillar.

a.       Wood: Education, writing, publishing, cultural affairs, Chinese medicine, fashion, clothing.

b.       Fire: Technology, beauty, food preparation, manufacturing, metaphysics, alcohol, fuel, electric and electronics.

c.       Earth: Construction, real estate, properties, natural resources, services, western medicine, insurance, antiques.

d.       Metal: Automobile, judicial, mechanical, finance, banking, jewelry.

e.       Water: Travel, logistics, trading, shipping, wisdom, entertainment, aquatic, journalism, movies, mass communications.

Not every field or industry is easily classified into elements so if you can’t find yours, look at your job function or scope. For instance, if your career pillar contains the metal element you might feel satisfied being a financial controller.

Is what you do right for you? If it isn’t I suggest you start planning your move. Contact me or schedule an appointment if you want me to deeply evaluate your case and give you a recommendation.


How do you Keep the Love Alive?


If you read my article on compatibility of natal charts published to celebrate Valentine’s, you should know by now if your relationship with your significant other is based on true love, commitment or sex. Hopefully it is based on true love but if it isn’t don’t panic, there are lasting relationships based on commitment and/or sex and many of them feel like love anyways.

In any case, your relationship should fall into at least one of these three categories (love, commitment or sex) or maybe you are one of the lucky ones that enjoys the blessings of all categories. Nevertheless, more important than finding out the category, it is to find out how to make the relationship fulfilling and lasting because even true love can break.

So how do you do that? How do you keep it alive? As usual, there are various layers to fully unveil the issue. I’m going to explain you an easy but powerful one:

1.      Go to my BaZi Calculator and plot your significant other’s natal chart, if you don’t have the time of birth, in this case it is OK, you may skip that step.

2.      Once you have his/her birth chart, determine the major hidden stem (element) in his/her relationship palace, which is the bottom element on his/her day of birth. If there is more than one element in that location as shown on the picture below, choose the most prominent one.



3.      That stem has some attributes, if you continue to display those attributes you will keep alive his/her interest on you.

4.      Check out below the attributes that each element implies, which are the attributes that you have to display:

·         Yang Wood: Be reliable. If you fail to pass the reliability test he/she will lose interest.

·         Yin wood: Communication is the key. If you don’t communicate well he/she will not find you attractive.

·         Yang fire: He/she expects you to help others and contribute to their success so don’t stop doing it.

·         Yin fire:  Be romantic, plan nice set ups, say sweet things.

·         Yang earth: He/she looks for security, give him/her the impression that you won't disappear.

·         Yin earth: Show yourself resourceful, show him/her that you have a lot of information, you are a smart person and you also have a lot connections.

·         Yang metal: Say good things about him/her, show him/her your loyalty, faithfulness and consistency.

·         Yin metal: She/he expects you to be funny, to smile and to entertain him/her.

·         Yang water: Show him/her your ability to manage money, or manage yourself, be systematic and organized and at the same time be a little adventurous.

·         Yin water: Be feeling oriented, be sensual, tender and sensible.

If in addition to displaying the attributes that the element in your partner’s relationship palace calls you to display, you have that element in any place of your birth chart: Bingo! That is a great affinity sign.

5.      Ask him/her to follow the same process to find out the attributes that he/she needs to display to keep your interest alive as well because it “takes two to tango”. #Love #EndlessLove #Happiness