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Tips for the Holidays


As incredible as it may seem, we are already going through the last quarter of 2017 and soon in America and in many other places of the world people will be celebrating different holidays that constitute the prelude to New Year’s Eve.

We were all born to be happy so let’s explore some tips to make these holidays even happier:

  1. Enjoy #Halloween decorating your place in orange that is fire element and represents passion and in black that is water element and represents wisdom. But to be safe and avoid bad tricks, don’t place real fire or real water on the south or north sectors during Halloween month.
  2. Take advantage of Halloween to boost your descendant's luck displaying pumpkins that in Chinese culture signify sons. Display even more if you want to conceive boys. 
  3. In Chinese culture BATS symbolize #GoodFortune. Display as many as you want during Halloween month to boost your good luck. Display them upside down to imply that happiness is already by your side.
  4. The sweet taste in food represents earth energy and it goes along well with the earth energy of the stomach. Enjoy Halloween candy as long as it is not in excess, it could promote stomach health.
  5. During Halloween month feel free to decorate in orange that is fire element and in black that is water element but don’t forget to balance the environment adding yellow or earth tones that stand for earth element, white or metal tones that stand for metal element, and green tones that stand for wood.
  6. During the holiday season stay safe keeping quiet the south sector of your place. Don’t light up candles or fire places there. This is a practice of good #FengShui.
  7. If the holidays make you feel down, open the curtains, open the windows, turn the lights on and let the YANG energy flow. Overcome the depressing YIN energy with lights, music, bright colors and love. 
  8. Boost the love energy during the holidays displaying flowers in the north, south, east and west sectors of your living space. Instead of flowers you may place your #ChristmasTree in one of those locations as well.
  9. Decorate your #ThanksGiving table in orange and gold tones and boost your abundance luck adding some oranges that in Chinese culture symbolize gold.
  10. Avoid arguments and tension at holiday tables sitting your guests facing any of their favorable directions. Go to my BaZi Calculator and determine their #Gua or Life Star using their birth date (there is no need to enter their hour of birth). The Gua or Life Star shows up on the results page as part of the table on the right-hand side. If they are 2, 6, 7 or 8, sit them facing West, Southwest, Northeast or Northwest. If they are 1, 3, 4 or 9, sit them facing North, South, East or Southeast. 
  11. During the cool holiday season warm up your body and increase your #Happiness with red foods like tomatoes, red beans, red beets, red bell peppers, red apples, strawberries and raspberries to name some.
  12. Nothing brings more #Abundance than #Gratitude. Invite abundance into your life feeling grateful at Thanks Giving. If needed, fake it until you make it because it also works.  #HappyHolidays #GoodLuck


Chi What?


Some time ago I explained in an article the meaning of #Qi, pronounced #Chi, which is energy. If you are into #ChineseMetaphysics and even if you are not, you might have also heard about #QiMenDunJia, aka #QMDJ or simply #Qimen but you might not know what it is so let me briefly explain it here.

QMDJ is a practice older than #FengShui but it has recently increased in popularity because it has various modern applications. It was developed more than 2000 years ago to win battles but it is now used to win businesses, conquer love, fight sicknesses, plan successful outcomes, find lost objects and much more.

QMDJ maps out the energies of heaven, earth, man and spirit at any given moment, which represent space, matters, events and time in today’s terminology. It takes in consideration concepts used in #BaZi astrology, but it goes beyond them because astrology focuses on understanding fate while QMDJ focuses on understanding choices and allowing people to co-create their #Destiny.

QMDJ has always been related with the spiritual aspect of Chinese metaphysics because it is about seeking meaning and #LifePurpose, but it doesn’t deal with spirits or religion, it is primarily about #FocusingTheMind.

In ancient China QMDJ was only available for the Emperor and his advisors but now it is available to anybody who has an internet connection, and it is the #BestLifeChangingTool. Check out these videos to start discovering the benefits and applications of QMDJ:

  1. Awakening
  2. The Ten Forces
  3. Foresight
  4. Pursuit

Enroll on or before September 26th, 2017 on any of the QMDJ Academy Programs here, and feel free to contact me at any time to help you apply the program that will #TransformYourLife.