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Chi What?


Some time ago I explained in an article the meaning of #Qi, pronounced #Chi, which is energy. If you are into #ChineseMetaphysics and even if you are not, you might have also heard about #QiMenDunJia, aka #QMDJ or simply #Qimen but you might not know what it is so let me briefly explain it here.

QMDJ is a practice older than #FengShui but it has recently increased in popularity because it has various modern applications. It was developed more than 2000 years ago to win battles but it is now used to win businesses, conquer love, fight sicknesses, plan successful outcomes, find lost objects and much more.

QMDJ maps out the energies of heaven, earth, man and spirit at any given moment, which represent space, matters, events and time in today’s terminology. It takes in consideration concepts used in #BaZi astrology, but it goes beyond them because astrology focuses on understanding fate while QMDJ focuses on understanding choices and allowing people to co-create their #Destiny.

QMDJ has always been related with the spiritual aspect of Chinese metaphysics because it is about seeking meaning and #LifePurpose, but it doesn’t deal with spirits or religion, it is primarily about #FocusingTheMind.

In ancient China QMDJ was only available for the Emperor and his advisors but now it is available to anybody who has an internet connection, and it is the #BestLifeChangingTool. Check out these videos to start discovering the benefits and applications of QMDJ:

  1. Awakening
  2. The Ten Forces
  3. Foresight
  4. Pursuit

Enroll on or before September 26th, 2017 on any of the QMDJ Academy Programs here, and feel free to contact me at any time to help you apply the program that will #TransformYourLife.


Change is the only Constant


Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in the year 540 BC, is the one credited for the phrase "change is the only constant”, which inspired me to write this article. I assume that when he made that statement he was following the steps of the Chinese sages who developed the I-Ching, known in English as the Book of Changes, which resulted from the observation and interpretation of the yin and yang forces in the universe that give shape to everything that exists.

Today, 2000+ years later, all cultures agree with Heraclitus, and with the Chinese sages, regarding change.  The Chinese sages, following the identification of yin and yang, also identified that the energy around us changes every hour, every day, every month and specially every year on February 4th, which is the first day of the Chinese solar calendar used in Chinese metaphysics.

The interaction of that constantly changing energy with your own energy is what governs your path in life. If the energy around you or coming your way is favorable, no matter how bad you behave, most likely you don’t get caught. On the other side, if the energy around you or coming your way is unfavorable, even if you behave, any little mistake gets you in trouble.

This is why even in the worst economic times, some people do very good, and even in the best economic times some people lose everything. The same thing happens with love or with health: For instance, as good as it is to be in love, not everybody who is in love is happy; or as bad as it is to smoke cigarettes, not everybody that smokes cigarettes dies from lung disease.

It all depends on how the energy coming your way interacts with your own energy. This is revealed through #ChineseAstrology and #FengShui and it needs to be assessed at least once a year because as written above, the energy is constantly changing.

Don’t let fortune or misfortune get you by surprise. Find out ahead of time the quality of energy that is coming your way and act accordingly. Check out my periodic assessment service and/or join me at Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology 2018 seminar in New York to learn to evaluate some of the energy yourself.  See you there! #EarthDog2018