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Let’s talk about Investments


Having a monthly income allows one to live well but real wealth comes from the accumulation of assets, which can take place through savings or better off, through investments.

So, where and when to invest?

As explained in the article on how to have good luck during 2018 the energy on a given year impacts everything in the universe including the performance of the industries because every industry is related with a form of energy and if the energy of the year enhances the energy of the industry, the industry does well, if the energy of the year doesn’t support the energy of the industry, the industry doesn’t do well. Check out the article to identify the best industries during 2018. If you are thinking on a short-term investment, before even starting other evaluations, make sure it belongs to an industry that is likely to do good during the year.

Additionally, every individual has an affinity with investments that is given by his/her hour of birth. The affinity doesn’t guarantee the return, but it provides disposition to find better opportunities in that area. To discover your affinity, follow the process below:

  1. Go to my BaZi Calculator and plot your natal chart.
  2. Identify your investments pillar that is your hour pillar.
  3. Identify the zodiac animal in that pillar and notice that it has an element labeled below.

Investment Pillar.png

  1. If the element of the zodiac animal is metal or water, your greatest affinity is with the stock market.
  2. If the element of the zodiac animal is earth or wood, your greatest affinity is with properties.
  3. If the element of the zodiac animal is fire, your greatest affinity is with deals related with a special knowledge or with enhancing other people’s lives.

Lastly, check out the luck of the zodiac animal at your investments’ pillar, is it a lucky or unlucky sign during the year? For instance, during the year of the dog 2018, the dragon is clashed by the dog that is the king of the year so if you were born at the hour of the dragon (any time between 7:00am and 8:59am, local time at your place of birth), be careful because the chances of doing good in your short-term investments during 2018 are very low. To have an idea of how lucky or unlucky is the zodiac animal at your hour of birth read again the article on how to have good luck during 2018, in that article the auspiciousness of the zodiac animals is identified with stars.

If you are still in doubt or you want a deeper analysis contact me to give you my advice. #HappyInvesting #ProfitableInvesting


Love is in the Air

Believe it or not love is in the air but not in any space of air. During the year of the dog 2018 love is primarily in the south so if you want to increase your chances of finding love or you want to improve your personal relations go to the south sector of your living space, occupy the sector, open the windows and use the door(s) located there.

Additionally, go to my Bazi calculator, plot your birth chart and find out your day master that is the top element on your day of birth.

If you are a woman and your day master is Gui (yin water) or Ren (yang water), the chances of finding love this year are very high so go out and meet people because the energy is on your side but you have to take action to make it happen. If you are a man and your day master is Yi (yin wood) or Jia (yang wood), the chances of finding love this year are also very high but you also need to take action so practice your preferred pick up line.

Ren Water Chart.png

Lastly, if going to my Bazi calculator and plotting your birth chart you see that the zodiac animal below your day master is a dragon, you are even more likely to find love this year, just be open to it.

Dragon House of Spouse.png

If you already have love and the dragon in your birth chart is in that location you could experience some level of separation from your significant other. If this is something you don’t want to happen it could be helpful to plan a trip with friends or by your self and intentionally get away, at least during the months of April and October, that could lessen the possibilities for a stronger break.

If you have any other love issues to resolve, check out my service for personal relationships.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Month