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New book form Viviana Estrada - How To Create An Abundant Life


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  • Natacha Gonzalez

    "I am so happy to have found Vivian in my life. She has helped me a lot in different situations that I have had in the course of my life. And the best thing is that she has guided me along the best path. Her recommendations are always the best at the end of the day. I highly recommend her. The best money invested!! :)"
  • Dax Dunn


    "As a business man and wellness professional, I had gotten to a point in my life that I needed to make important decisions regarding certain opportunities in my life.I wanted to know if the time was right, I had several options to consider and I needed help to make the right choice, so I consulted Viviana and she gave me clarity.Not only did she help, she also made me realize some of my personality traits that I needed to capitalize on, as well as some that were holding me back.Now I am clear and on my path, I can see clearly now and my goals are in sight". Thanks Viviana!

  • Kenny & Cynthia Carriel

    Testimonials"Viviana is a true professional who really provides excellent insight on how to change your life to achieve your life long goals. Since receiving her feng shui services, we have experienced many positive changes and feel that we are in a much better place in our lives. We recommend Viviana to anyone who is truly looking for positive changes in their lives. We will continue to seek her services for as long as she is in business!!
  • Jyoti Arora


    "My experience with Bazi (Chinese Astrology) with Viviana has been miraculous. it was her brilliant methods that helped me overcome my tribulations. I’m very thankful to her kind and patient approach. I find her humble and a pool of knowledge".

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